ETCD Quorum and Consensus #k8s

So.. What’s going on about scaling of masters

K8s has a couple of different approach to managing the etcd. You can locate your etcd cluster on the other instance, or you can run it as a container as a static pod (that managed by kubelet).

Single Master Node
Scaling Environment

Why don’t we scale up and down the master nodes like worker nodes?

This question has a couple of answers:

Quorum Number:

In a distributed environment if you want to decide the consistency of operation, you should gather verification of components, so quorum consistency needs to n/2+1 components should respond to between each other (n=number of etcd member).

List of Votes


In kubernetes environment, you consider everything is scalable like worker nodes, pods .. etc. But If we talk about the master nodes or etcd members we should need to worry about the consistency.




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